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    Bose SIE2i vs. Beats Powerbeats


    Bose SIE2i

    Manufacturer: Bose
    Price: $149.95
    Colors: Lime Green, Orange
    Accessories: Mic, Remote, Armband & 3 Ear Fittings
    Weight: 0.6 oz.
    Cable Length: 1.75 ft.


    Beats Powerbeats

    Manufacturer: Beats by Dr. Dre
    Price: $149.95
    Colors: Black, White, Red, Lime Green
    Accessories: Mic, Remote, Hard Case & 3 Ear Fittings
    Weight: 1.06 oz.
    Cable Length: 3.68 ft.

    Bikini season is in full force, and with all the working out going on, it’s time to get the right headphones on.  If you’re one of those that like rocking out during your run or workout session, headphones can make all the difference.  It’s not only important that they sound great, but they need to feel great too.  You don’t want a huge pair of clunky headphones weighing you down, you’ll probably want something light, portable, that doesn’t move around your head while running.  We’ve found two of the most popular workout earbuds on the market to help power you through a tough workout session.  Face Off time, Bose SIE2i vs Beats Powerbeats!

    Round 1 – Feel

    It’s very rare that you wear a normal pair of headphones that don’t feel good.  Anything that goes on the ear is usually designed with comfortable foam, to make wearing them for an extended period relaxing.  But as soon as you switch to in-ear earbuds, the story changes.  Sometimes the earbuds are too big, don’t have enough cushion or are made of hard plastic.  The inside of everyone’s ears are different, so it’s important to get the exact fit.

    I like the Bose SIE2i.  They’re made of a softer material, have smaller ear loops (the little thing that fits behind the ear to hold your earbuds snug) and can be worn all day, even when not working out.  After about 45 minutes the Powerbeats became uncomfortable, causing pain to the inner part of my ear.

    Winner: Bose SIE2i

    Round 2 – Workout Session

    The headphone market is flooded with so many makes and models, that even workout headphones are now becoming stylish.  In fact, many companies are banking on the fact that you want to look good while working out.  But if you care more about feeling good, then you’ll want the Bose SIE2i headphones.  The Bose headphones fit comfy, don’t move around and are made of a sweat resistant material.  The biggest problem with in ear headphones is them getting sweaty and slipping out of your ear during your workout.  Plus, they’re pretty darn durable.  The ear pieces are nice and thick with a great cable that can stand the test of time.

    Winner: Bose SIE2i

    Round 3 – Sound Quality

    What I’ve always hated about earbuds is the poor sound quality.  You put them on, just waiting to jam out, and it sounds like your music is coming out of tin a soup can.  No bass, no mids, just all distorted highs.  It takes that club thumping music that can power you through a grueling workout, to the sound of putting golfballs in a blender.  Ok, maybe a little too harsh.

    Both earbuds blew away cheap $20 earbuds you can buy at any old store, but the Powerbeats slightly edged out the Bose.  They had more bass (thanks Dr. Dre!) which helped the tiny little speaker pumping out my jams.  Side note: both headphones are NOT noise canceling.  They’re made to let in street noise, to keep you safe during your run.  We don’t want you getting hit by a car.

    Winner: Beats Powerbeats

    Round 4 – Overall

    While the Powerbeats sounded (slightly) better, we’ve still got to give this Face Off to the Bose SIE2i.  After a tough workout of running 5 miles, biking 10 miles and lifting weights for about 30 minutes, the Bose stood the test!  They felt just as comfortable as the second I put them on, and they hardly ever slipped out.  Plus they’re so light, it feels like nothing is in your ear!  Fantastic for the training you’ll need to get you ready for that sexy bikini!

    Plus, the Bose SIE2i comes with an awesome Reebok armband to hold your iPhone/iPod.

    Winner: Bose SIE2i

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