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    Published on February 1st, 2013 | by admin

    Bose Soundlink II vs. Beats Pill

    Bose Soundlink II

    Manufacturer: Bose
    Price: $299.95
    Wireless Range: 30 ft.
    Battery Life: 8 hrs.
    Weight:  2.9 lbs.
    Colors: Black or Silver

    Beats Pill

    Manufacturer: Dr. Dre Beats
    Price: $199.95
    Wireless Range: 30 ft.
    Battery Life: 7 hrs.
    Weight:  0.7 lbs.
    Colors: Black, Red or White

    It’s 2013 (we’re still alive!!) and we’re finally seeing the music/sound world step into the future.  For those unfamiliar, Bluetooth speakers work like this.  You wirelessly pair your phone/iPad/computer or any Bluetooth enable device with your speaker.  Then you can play music, Pandora, Podcasts, Audio books, and even the sound of movies right off your Bluetooth speaker.  It’s like a boombox.  What makes these great is you don’t have to dock your device to it.  You can roam freely with an iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, Android phone, iPad… pretty much anything.

    Round 1 – Sound Quality

    Bose is the king of audio.  They’ve been producing quality speakers since, well since I can remember.  And it’s no different with the SoundLink II.  It’s amazing how loud this little speaker gets & how crystal clear the audio sounds, considering it’s coming from Bluetooth.  If you don’t know, Bluetooth means there are no wires to plug your phone/iPad/computer to your speaker.  It runs wirelessly.  The Beats Pill sounds great too, but just not as loud and clear as the Bose.  Bose have enough power for a small party; Beats have enough for just you and   the family.

    While the Bose SoundLink II may no longer be in a class by itself, it’s still at the top of the speaker market. Wanna buy one from Amazon, click the image below!

    Winner: Bose Soundlink II

    Round 2 – Portability

    Let’s face it, these days we want things smaller (besides TVs).  iPod nanos, sleeker smartphones, the iPad mini, Smart Cars… we’re in a world of downsizing.  Of these two speakers, the Beats Pill is less than half the size and weight of the Bose.

    The Pill comes in at an astonishing 0.7 lbs!  I’ve eaten sandwiches that weigh more than this bad boy.  It’s perfect for hooking up to your bicycle, your skateboard, taking to the pool, or just carrying to a party.  Not saying the Bose isn’t portable too, it is!  But it’s hard to argue with a speaker system that is easier and lighter to move than a Subway footlong. Wanna buy one from Amazon, click the image below!

    Winner: Beats Pill

    Round 3 – Features

    What I really like about Bluetooth speakers is the ability to roam while your sound stays stationary.  Since the music is being transmitted to the speaker via Bluetooth, that means your phone is also a remote control.  Music too loud?  You can turn it down from your phone.  Tired of the song you’re listening to?  You can change it just like you would if you had headphones on.

    The other feature I like, is both speakers have rechargeable batteries.  You don’t have to worry about 6 AAs or 12 AAAs… no!  Just plug it in for 2 hours, and bam you’re good to go.  Think of it like the wireless boombox of 2013!

    Winner: Tie

    Round 4 – Overall

    Overall, both speakers are great, but if you’ve got enough money to shell out the extra $100 for the Bose SoundLink II, we recommend it.  The Beats Pill is a fantastic little speaker, but you’re gonna want some versatility in your speaker.  Who knows, you might have an outdoor BBQ with 20 people wanting to listen to music.  The Bose SoundLink II can power that party.

    It doesn’t matter which product you choose, but it’s awesome to see how Bluetooth has moved from cellphone earpieces, to car radios and now to home speakers.  It’ll be exciting to see where the world of Bluetooth can take us next! Wanna buy one from Amazon, click the image below!

    Winner: Bose Soundlink II

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