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    Harry’s vs. Dollar Shave Club

    The beard is pretty much the hottest mens fashion trend going. Forget the skinny jeans, ditch the leather shoes… it’s all about facial hair. But things you might want to consider shaving is that neck beard. Look nobody, not even ZZ Top, can make a neck beard look good. So when you’re looking to shave that small patch underneath your chin, check out the two hottest “non-commercial” shave companies out there. Face Off time, so hide your whiskers, it’s Dollar Shave Club vs. Harry’s.


    Razor Name: The Truman
    Blade Count: 5 Front
    Cartridges: 8
    Cost: $15/Two Months ($7.50/month)
    Razor Handle: Free
    Created: 2012

    Dollar Shave Club

    Razor Name: The Executive
    Blade Count: 5 Front, 1 Rear
    Cartridges: 4
    Cost: $9/Month
    Razor Handle: Free
    Created: 2011

    Round 1 – Price

    Let’s be honest. We’re pretty much all tired (women included) of paying $20 for a cartridge of 4 razors. The price of razors has gone up crazy high over the last 15 years. Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s help save you some cash by getting the product direct to you, the consumer. But of the two, which is less expensive?

    The Dollar Shave Club Executive (which is the top of the line razor they make) costs $9/month for 4 cartridges. Harry’s costs $15/two months for 8 cartridges. Meaning DSC costs $2.25/cartridge while Harry’s costs $1.88/cartridge. And there you have it. Plus, Harry’s owns their own factory and makes their own blades. Which probably does mean they are saving you some extra cash since they aren’t the middle man.

    Winner: Harry’s



    Round 2 – Available Features

    So you’re buying a less expensive blade than those supposed “high-end” ones from the manufacturer. But they don’t skimp out on the features. Both companies are designed with your comfort in mind. They both have flexibility to go with the contour of your face. Both also have aloe vera and vitamins on their comfort strip to make sure your face stays hydrated.

    Not to mention both companies also offer some fantastic shaving creams/gels and after shave to help cover up any nicks or irritation. All in all, it’s shaving. How crazy can you get with features? Not too much. We got a tie here.

    Winner: Tie!

     DSC Harrys

    Round 3 – Quality of Shave

    Ok. So yeah they cost less than your average razors, and they come in some cool nifty packaging with lots of fun accessories. But do they shave well? Yeah, they do. Both razors are pretty solid, and give you a decent shave for the price.

    Between the two we think Harry’s shaves better. We found that we had to do less “touch-up” spots with the Harry’s blade. Plus, the cartridge lasts longer than a DSC cartridge. Usually a DSC cartridge will last about two shaves. Three would be pushing it. Harry’s on the other hand easily makes it past three shaves, still with a smooth finish and little irritation.

    Winner: Harry’s


    Round 4 – Overall

    Both companies offer some pretty nice products, and concepts. Forget going to the store to buy your razors! Let their subscription service take care of you. Plus the products are solid. But of the two, we’ve got to go with Harry’s. Harry’s is not only less expensive, but it also gives you a better shave. We had less irritation when shaving (using the same shaving cream) and a much closer shave.

    Don’t forget both companies also sell their own shaving cream and after shave to help with the process.

    Both companies offer some great promoting to new customers. Check out RetailMeNot.com for offers.

    Winner: Harry’s


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