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    Primo Grills vs Big Green Egg

    I love BBQ. If you’re from Texas you probably love it, too. I think my favorite part though isn’t eating it, it’s the process. The hours spent prepping the meat, firing up the grill and the few cold ones you throw back as you grill away. But what type of grill do you use? Are you still rocking one of those Weber grills from the grocery store? Are you ready to step up your grilling game? We have the perfect Face Off this month. Grill time! The Big Green Egg vs the Primo Grill.

    Primo Grills

    Made In: USA
    Established: 1996
    Grill Shape: Oval
    Sizes: 25″x18.5″ – 22″x15″ – 18.5″x13.5″ – 18.5″
    Materials/Warranty: Ceramics/20 Year Warranty

    Big Green Egg

    Made In: Mexico
    Established: 1974
    Grill Shape: Round
    Sizes: 10″ – 13″ – 15″ – 18.25″ – 24″ – 29″
    Materials/Warranty: Ceramics/Lifetime Warranty

    Round 1 – Cooking Quality

    Anyone that has used a BGE (Big Green Egg) or a Primo grill can agree on one thing… these two grills blow out any other steel/aluminum-made grill you’ve used before. What’s great about the ceramic cooker is all the heat stays inside the grill. It’s a totally functional cooking system.

    You can use these as grills, ovens and even smokers. I’ve had some of the most delicious pizza I’ve ever ate come out of a Big Green Egg, the best Ribs ever come out of a Primo and the best brisket I’ve ever had come out of an Egg. Both are exceptional!

    Winner: Tie

    Round 2 – Size

    The one thing I’ve always had an issue with is the Big Green Egg’s size. I have a Large egg, which is about 18” in diameter. It’s a good size, but sometimes I run into issues with not having enough space for fajitas, sausages and chicken. I know there are larger eggs on the market, but anything bigger will take over my patio space.

    The Primo XL has a cool oval shape which gives you more space and allows you to throw on that long rack of ribs. While it’s a little heavier, it will allow for more cooking. But, I don’t have a problem with slicing my ribs in half before I throw them on the grill. So, a slight nod in this round to Primo grills.

    Winner: Primo

    Round 3 – Price

    Now let’s get down to the brass tax of pricing. For two similar products, the Big Green Egg XL and the Primo XL, you’re looking at a pretty large difference. The Primo, which can be bought online and shipped to you for free, will MSRP at around $1,792. Granted there are some sites out there with special savings/discounts, but we’re gonna go with the list price here.

    For a similar version of the Primo XL we look at the Big Green Egg XL. The BGE XL will MSRP at $1,199. However you cannot purchase a BGE online. You’ll need to visit a local retailer, and we know where you can get one here in the Valley. Visit Rainbow Play Systems (www.RainbowRGV.com) for more info!

    Winner: Big Green Egg

    Round 4 – Overall

    Both grills are pretty fantastic. Honestly you can make a great slab or ribs, some delicious Fajitas or smoke an amazing brisket on either grill. I promise you, it’ll be the best BBQ you’ve had. Try smoking beer car chicken. You can’t go wrong.

    But, we like the Big Green Egg more! Why? First of all it’s much less expensive when comparing similar sizes to the Primo, and built with the same quality of construction. Also, it’s much easier to move around. It’s great for patios and decks. So bust out the dry rub, a rack or ribs and get to smoking!

    Winner: Big Green Egg

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