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    StubHub vs. Vivid Seats

    If you’re like me, you didn’t get George Strait tickets for his “final performance” at State Farm Arena. So it goes. But, if you really wanted to go you probably had to resort to the secondary market for tickets. The obvious choice would be something like StubHub, however there are tons of other reselling websites available. One of my favorites that most people don’t know about is Vivid Seats. So, bust out those credit cards and find out where you can get the most bang for your buck next time you search for those “hard to get” tickets from. Remember that not all reselling sites are created equal! All additional fees aside it’s time for this month’s Face Off: StubHub vs. Vivid Seats.


    Founded: 2000
    Owner: eBay
    App: Yes
    Guaranteed: Yes
    Fees: Buyer Pays 10% | Seller Receives 15% of Ticket List Price

    Vivid Seats

    Founded: 2001
    Owner: Jerry & Eric
    App: No
    Guaranteed: Yes
    Fees: Buyer Pays 24.75% | Seller Receives 10% of Ticket List Price

    Round 1 – Ease of Use

    When searching for tickets you always want to make sure you’re on the right page, buying for the right date, the right venue, and even the right section and seats. While both companies offer fantastic websites to do your searching, StubHub is a little easier to navigate. The other thing I enjoy is StubHub’s App. If you can believe it, the App is just as simple as their website. It’s the perfect way to get tickets to an event while you’re on the go. Heck I’ve even purchased tickets using the App just hours before an event and had great success.



    Round 2 – Price

    Ok, sometimes the reseller market can get as crazy as twice to three times as much of the face value of a ticket. When hot tickets are going through the roof, you’ve got to find value somewhere. Just don’t be shocked if you decide to purchase a ticket and the price you see is not what you pay. StubHub says what you see is what you pay, which is true. Vivid Seats however may seem extremely below StubHub’s cost at first, until you get to the payment page and see their “processing fees.” With that being said though, Vivid Seats still has lower prices. After comparing five different events, with similar seats, similar rows in similar sections they had the overall lowest price on average by about $35 per ticket.


    Vivid Seats

    Round 3 – Customer Service

    Ok, so there’s always that scary feeling right before they scan your tickets at the door of “OMG! Is this going to work? Am I going to get in? Please, please, please let me get in!” Typically it’s just your nerves, but that doesn’t mean the possibility of you getting a real ticket is 100% certain. In fact, I’ve gotten fake tickets from both websites. Granted I use them a lot, and it’s like a 99% chance your ticket will be real. However, when I got fake tickets both companies were extremely accommodating. Both fully refunded my money and helped me find equal or comparable tickets to my event. Vivid Seats even gave me a $30 discount the next time I wanted to use their services!

    StubHubVivid Seats


    Round 4 – Overall

    While StubHub is world renowned with their clever advertising campaigns and are one of the first companies ever to give resellers a platform to sell their tickets, I have to give this Face Off to Vivid Seats. The reason being their prices are on average better than StubHub’s. Let’s be honest, the most important part of the whole purchasing secondary market tickets is trying to get the best deal out there! Whether you choose StubHub or Vivid Seats, just know you have options out there.


    Vivid Seats

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