A Week Without 142

    Published on January 3rd, 2014 | by admin

    A Week Without Water

    Water: A substance that has pretty much controlled human existence since the beginning of time. It has separated us from the new world, determined where we built our civilizations and it makes up almost 60% of our body. It’s safe to say that water is a pretty important factor in our daily lives; in my life especially. I always carry around a water bottle and keep a count of the amount of ounces I take in to make sure that I reach my recommended minimums for a guy my age and fitness level. That’s what is going to make this next week so interesting.  It’s going to be interesting enduring a week without water knowing just how big of a role it plays in my life.  

    Day One

    It was a Monday and it started off like any other day. Woke up and had my coffee. It wouldn’t be physically possible for me to go a week without fluids, so that’s why my coffee still kept me on my path to a week without water. As I headed to my car to drive to work though, I felt like something was missing. It was my water bottle that I’m used to carrying. I felt naked without it. As I got to work the day carried on as usual. The only exception was that I didn’t have to go to the bathroom a thousand times. Day 1 I felt like was
    a success.

    Day Two

    Since it was still during the week, my work day continued as normal. Coffee in the morning and a coke zero at lunch. What made today different though is that it was a training day. The reason I had been sticking to such a regimented water schedule is because I’m in the middle of marathon training. Now I find myself at the end of an 8 mile run with no water to drink. I could always turn to Gatorade, but my house doesn’t normally stock Gatorade. Now I’m stuck with the decision to either go buy some sort of sports drink or quench my thirst with an ice cold coke. I chose the latter and immediately regretted my decision.

    Day Five

    I’ve survived this long by switching my water intake with a mix of coffee, soft drinks and sports drinks. But now, the weekend was here and once again I’ve found myself at a bar stuck with the dilemma of having to alter my drink selection around my week without challenge. Normally I go with a whisky and water, but that is out of the question so I decided to substitute the water in my Jack Daniels with coke instead and went on with my night.

    Day Six

    Waking up on day 6 with a pounding head-ache reminded me of why I switched from Jack and coke to Jack and water in the first place. All the sugar from that coke made my head feel like it was clamped in a vice the next morning. While brushing my teeth and putting the pieces of the night together I decided to get a glass of water to help with the massive dehydration I was experiencing. As I filled up my glass, it hit me that I haven’t reached the whole week yet. As I emptied the glass into the sink I officially began the countdown until I could start drinking water again.

    Day Seven

    I never thought that I would be so happy to see water. As that cool clear liquid hit my lips it felt as if I had been in the desert for days and had just stumbled upon a life-giving oasis. I think my kidneys were happy to have water as well. They were no longer required to filter out all the sugar and salt that I had run through my body the past week. I was back on the water train and it never felt better.


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