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    Flashback 1992


    The 1992 Summer Olympics

    This marked the year International Olympic Committee president Juan Antonio Samaranch brought the Olympics to his native country of Spain. Many consider this as a period of renewal for the Summer Games since the fall of communism in Eastern Europe and the reunification of Germany in 1990. Some 10,563 athletes from across 172 nations gathered without a single country boycotting the Games. Countries like Cuba and North Korea returned after 12 years, others like South Africa, were welcomed back after 32 years in the coveted tournament.


    Pop Culture Classic Wayne’s World

    Wayne’s World wasn’t just a part of pop culture in the early 90s, it actually defined it. Highly popular across all age groups, Meyers and Carvey’s broad comedy film hit the industry with an amazing sense of self-awareness, offering smart, witty comedy that surprised everyone despite the film being based on an SNL skit. Filmed in just 34 days, Wayne’s World’s one-liners, catch phrases, style and attitude towards everything from rockin’ jams to “hot chicks” could be found everywhere and in everything. Bohemian Rhapsody, anyone?


    Pepsi Introduces Crystal Pepsi

    Back in the early 90s, a curious trend took over the soda market for a hot second: clear soda. The strange fad that drinks could look like seltzer but retain their soda-like flavor was a bizarre one, to say the least. PepsiCo first introduced Crystal Pepsi in ’92 to test markets across Denver, Sacramento, Dallas and Providence. The test was so successful that it merited a full release, with Crystal Pepsi hitting the streets nationwide just a year later. Although the clear cola fad started off with a bang, it faded just as quickly. Just ask Coke about their ’85 reformulation of “New Coke!”


    The Tonight Show Welcomes Jay Leno

    Jay Leno, 42 years young at the time, had a tough act to follow: the incomparable Johnny Carson, who helmed The Tonight Show for an astonishing 30-year run, making it the pop culture landmark it’s grown to be. Despite Leno having a legitimate claim to the gig: having served as Carson’s permanent guest host since ’87, and hosting more than 300 Tonight Show episodes by the time he took the reins, doubters still nitpicked at his technique. Even David Letterman wanted a shot at fame but was turned down.


    PBS Kids Launches Barney & Friends

    The beloved six-footed purple dinosaur, Barney, made his on-air debut alongside BFFs Baby Bop and her brother B.J. on April 6, 1992. The charismatic dino got his start in 1987 via direct-sale videos created by Dallas teacher Sheryl Leach. The tapes caught the eye of the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), who gave Barney and Friends a shot at stardom. Ever since its ’92 debut, Barney and Friends have become a mass public phenomenon, joining the ranks of Mister Rodgers and Jim Henson’s Muppets as PBS stars.


    The 1992 World Series

    The 1992 World Series was the first Series ever with games played outside the United States of America, where it pitted the American League champion Toronto Blue Jays against the National League champion Atlanta Braves. Toronto went on to defeat Atlanta, four games to two, marking the first time a team based outside the U.S. won the World Series. The Blue Jays made it to the Series after defeating the Oakland Athletics in six games in the American League Championship Series.

    1992 Spotlights

    Memorable Scandals

    Madonna dated Vanilla Ice. The lovable Material Girl and the rapper who brought us “Ice Ice Baby” were once in a relationship for eight months before calling it quits in 1992. Vanilla Ice admitted the two would wear disguises when going out in public to avoid getting mobbed by fans.

    Superbowl Champs

    Famous Quotes

    “You Can’t Handle The Truth.” – Jack Nicholson

    NBA Champs

    Fashion Icons

    Christy Turlington & Niki Taylor

    US Open Golf

    Tom Kite & Patty Sheehan

    Miss America

    Caryolyn Sapp (HI)

    US Tennis Men/Ladies

    Stefan Edberg & Monica Seles

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