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    Kids Of Summer

    It is summer and that means a few super important and fun things are happening now over at Ruben’s Grocery Store. Remember them? Ruben Cavazos? My best friend with this store I go to THREE times, every day, like a lunatic.

    Now I have more fun than ever! Here’s why. I’m like a kid in a candy store at Ruben’s, in fact all foodies are, but now with all the kids out of school, it’s me and all these kids treating the place like a cross between Disney, a museum and a fun summer camp where you learn about all sorts of things. From superfoods, to imported everything, to how to cure meat and even how that tuna fish is put in the can raw and cooked once it’s in the can. Millions of things that we all need to learn to fight obesity, hide from diabetes and live healthier longer lives.

    Kids have lots of free, “vacation time” to explore this fun store with their folks now, so come see me and say “hi.” There’s so many things for children to see and learn about there at Ruben’s that they really went out of their way to make the store “kid-friendly.” Nearly every isle has several interesting things for them to see, interact with and learn about. BUT! The coolest thing happening right now is this: This season we’re right at the start of it.

    It’s time for all the exotic fruits from around the world to arrive and the produce isle is stacked high with things you’ve never heard of that taste delicious and are really interesting to share with your kids. (Heck! I have a new girlfriend and we had a blasé having a “Summer exotic fruit tasting” like a wine tasting but with these bizarre fruits from all over the world). Seriously, it was fun to do. For like $10 we got eight different fruits we have never tasted before and ran to my kitchen to try each one. It was fun. (Sort of sexy and movie-like to cut open new fruits and feed it to each other with your eyes closed). WAIT! BACK TO THE KIDS!

    All the summer exotic fruits are finally here.

    One of my favorites is called a Rambutan and here’s why. On the outside, it looks dangerous. Like you know you shouldn’t eat it. Here’s what one looks like:

    You open it and pop the inside in your mouth and it’s like the sweetest peeled grape you have ever eaten.

    The more you ask, the more you learn. Example: I wanted to know where all these fruits come from and how you make money selling them. Where do they grow best? How is the competition among the growers? Are there any heath benefits? I ask all sorts of things because I’m a student of life!

    The answers I found were as follows: For years, these fruits like LYCHEES, RAMBUTAN, MANGOSTEENS AND JACKFRUIT had to be flown across half way around the world to reach Ruben’s. Because these fruits only grew in the far East, Indonesia to be exact, it meant they were $40 a pound and super expensive if you could buy them at all.

    But now, due to extensive terraforming and man-made super sophisticated irrigation systems, all of these fruits are now being grown in Chiapas Mexico. Meaning these super-expensive exotic fruits now cost the same as a regular apple or pear. But the magic is what draws so many people to Ruben’s in the first place. It’s still a pain in Ruben’s ass to get them in the store with all the regulations and FDA inspectors and all that. But he does it. Not for the money, he does it for me. And probably you too! : )

    Recently, I went to a BIG BOX STORE to buy batteries and saw a couple of these fruits for sale. (As if they were bragging on discovering fire). No kidding, they we’re selling a fruit that Ruben’s sells for $1.99 a pound, in a fancy cardboard box. I did the math and it was $16 a pound. Same price as their nasty frozen king crab. “Thievery,” I yelled!

    The season for all of these fruits is very short and when the kiddos go back to school the fruit is all gone so plan a trip to Ruben’s today. And remember this: By mentioning RGVmag and my name…. You get absolutely nothing free. Just kidding. I’m pretty sure they will help you sample any of these fruits for free. Ask! They never tell me “no.”

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