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    Published on July 14th, 2016 | by admin


    The Best Uneggspected Breakfast Hack

    Ah yes, the traditional household staple that we’ve all either grown to hate or love. Well, RGVmag is back at it again to clean the slate once and for all and polish up on the often misunderstood legacy of the egg. This month we bring to you some of the crazy cool egg hacks that we guarantee even ‘ole grandma didn’t know about! From extending an egg’s shelf life, to mastering the art of cooking perfectly poached eggs, these convenient egg hacks are sure to transform the way you handle this key ingredient on your next meal.


    1. Checking for Freshness
    Now we know it’s a given that eggs last a long time (sometimes even weeks on end), but if you’ve grown suspicious that those eggs in your fridge have spoiled, then listen up! Carefully sink the delinquent egg in a glass of water. That’s all! If the egg goes straight to the bottom, you’re in the clear. However, if the rascal floats (and bobs like an apple), then it’s time to toss that sucker out! Voila.


    2. Extended Shelf Life
    The freshest kind of eggs will last about five weeks, give or take, in the fridge but nearly six months in the freezer! Now we don’t wanna get all tangled up in any crazy-complicated methods on how to extend their shelf life, so we’ll just get right into it. The easiest approach to freezing eggs is by dividing them in a muffin tin. Freeze until they’re solid, then transfer over to a resealable freezer-safe plastic bag and store them until those cravings call.


    3. Scramble Eggs Like A PRO
    This hack right here distinguishes the pros from the amateurs. If you’ve always struggled in obtaining evenly-cooked, custardy scrambled eggs then you may be missing one very important step. Professionally-trained chefs always keep the heat at medium. Do like they do and use one hand to slightly shake the pan in a circular motion. Now, holding a spatula in your second hand, stir the eggs continuously in the opposite direction until the eggs set. A slam dunk every time.


    4. Hard Boil Eggs Via A Coffee Pot
    When MacGyver gets hungry, he gets creative! Pull out that trusty coffee machine and fill the pot with water as you normally would. Now place your eggs inside the pot, shut the lid and set it on as you were making regular coffee. After about 10-12 minutes, drain the water from your pot and presto. Perfectly hard-boiled eggs.


    5. Keep Your Egg Poaching Fresh
    Now we know that RGVmag has never been one to keep secrets, and we don’t intend on changing that anytime soon. With that being said, do you know the ultimate secret to perfectly poached eggs? For starters, it’s essential that we use the freshest possible eggs. The older the egg gets, the more loose their whites become, resulting in a nasty separation from the yolk. Now you’re stuck with a messy, non-cohesive mass that’s even harder to poach, right? Save older eggs for hard-boiling and baking, but if older eggs are all you’ve got, then make sure you drain off the loose egg white through a fine mesh strainer first before poaching them.


    6. Transforming Egg Washes
    Egg wash has a thousand and one baking uses, but we usually only end up using about a tablespoon’s worth. Instead of tossing it out next time, whisk in extra eggs, a splash of cream and a pinch of salt. Scramble that up and now you’ve got breakfast!


    7. Separate the Whites & the Yolk
    Ever considered separating the whites and the yolk when frying eggs? Before you write out and call me crazy, give it a try! Next time you find yourself frying an egg or two, separate the white and cook it first until it turns white and opaque. Next, add the egg yolk and cook it for just a few minutes more. This guarantees the whites are thoroughly cooked while the yolk remains runny.


    8. Reheat A Poached Egg Using A Thermos
    Craving a poached egg for lunch? Pack those cooked eggs inside a thermos filled with cool water. When that tummy starts to growl, pour out the cold water, refill the thermos with hot water and let the egg sit for about 2-3 minutes. Drain off the hot water then enjoy the egg on your favorite pasta.

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