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    Published on August 1st, 2013 | by admin

    End Zone Spirits

    Football, football, football…the one thing that unites and divides just about every guy in the nation (and if you’re as lucky as I am your significant other as well). Whether you love or hate the Cowboys you somehow find yourself talking about them. Then there’s the food: Burgers, hotdogs, wings, fajitas, etc.! No matter what the food is you need the right drink to go along with it. Wine perhaps? Yes wine. Why not pair up wine with all of these choices? Just because its football season and were supposed to drink beer instead? Wrong!

    The season is rapidly approaching and we wanted to lend some combinations to the imagination that most of you have probably never tried. Be open to possibilities and not just dismiss the unknown. Here are our top 5 suggestions:

    Parallel Cab

    1. Cabernet Sauvignon & Burgers

    The Parallel Cabernet Sauvignon is a lively mouthful of blackberry, dried herb, and dark chocolate flavors that ride easily over slightly prickly tannins lingering on the finish. With a well-grilled or medium rare burger, this wine will accent its flavors. The bigger the cab the better the results.

    Mollydooker 2 left Feet

    2. Red Blend and Chicken

    The Molly Dooker Two Left Feet really displays a fruit flavor spectrum exposing dark berries and plum fruit with lots of spice. The palette is round and filling and has concentrated sweet fruits with layers of chocolate and cream. It has enough balance to go with mesquite flavors or BBQ sauce. One sip and you’ll be convinced!


    3. Shiraz and Pulled Pork

    The Molly Dooker Boxer has hints of cherry, peppery raspberry, smoke and spice. A sweet, full-bodied Shiraz makes a perfect accompaniment. It’s strong, but will not over-power your sauce, and its spice compliments the sauce’s sweetness.


    4. Merlot and Pizza

    Cannonball Merlot is rich and juicy with flavors of ripe plum and baking spices. It matched well with a Meat Lover’s pizza that has plenty of spice at its core. This wine is velvety in texture with a long, smooth finish making it the perfect match for any meaty pizza, chicken, steak, or salmon.


    5. Zinfandel and Hot Wings

    Z10 Zinfandel has hints of sweet blueberry, toasted vanilla, and floral notes while maintaining a nice oak finish. This makes a great match with BBQ wings; it has enough sweet fruit to balance the sweet BBQ sauce. The Z10 will also make a good pairing with spicy wings, holding up nicely to the heat and acidity of the sauce. For best results pair it up with BBQ wings.

    However you want to pair your meal, there is never a wrong approach. Think outside of the box and try something new to get the real flavor of what you’re grilling!

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