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    Published on February 13th, 2014 | by admin

    Flirtatiously Fermented

    Love: What is it? We yearn for it, search for it, and live for it. We all wish to find that special someone with whom to share our lives with. A few years ago, I met a woman that changed my life. A woman who, to this day, didn’t believe in Valentine’s Day. I was fortunate enough to find that one person that, not only accepted my flaws and me, but looked past everything and accepted me for me.

    Far from being in my prime, this woman didn’t care about my physical condition or hair loss. She just loved me for me! How does this relate to wine? Well, I met my “better half” whilst working in the liquor and wine industry. So much so that we even shot our engagement photos inside a liquor store.

    This March marks my 15-year devotion to the industry. In this time I’ve gone from mopping floors, to selling, to managing, to… let’s just say I’ve done a lot in this business. Now, working for L&F Distributors/Favorite Brands, I get to have fun in selling both wine and liquor from Victoria to Laredo and back down through the Rio Grande Valley. Although this is the “March” issue of RGVmag, let us not forget this really is the issue for Valentine’s Day, bubbly, and of course “L-O-V-E”. Let’s get to it, shall we?

    Grande Siecle Alexandra – 94 POINTS!

    Grande Siècle Alexandra is full-bodied from the start, with clear flavours of black cherries. Powerful and long-lasting, with a finish that combines ripe red fruit with a firm grip. Known as the ‘Ultimate Rose’, it is a rare wine. Produced by the process known as ‘saignee’. Only 100% rated Pinot Noir is used together with the addition of a small percentage of Chardonnay at the time of crushing.

    Who is Laurent-Perrier?

    Laurent-Perrier: One of the premier champagnes coming from France. Laurent-Perrier has a complete line of luxury champagnes that will fit all those special occasions. Demi-sec to Le Brut Millesime, you have something for mimosas at brunch or your honeymoon with your bride. Needless to say, Favorite Brands has got you covered all within one winery. But how do these wines compare to big boy tastes like Dom, Cristal and Cliquot? Not only do they match up, but they stand head and shoulders above their counterparts!

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