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    Our Warmest Holiday Spirits

    Which holiday do you celebrate? Christmas? Kwanza? Hanukkah? Whatever it may be we need something to help warm our bones. But is that something we really want to do when we have 80° weather in South Texas? Of course it is! We celebrate everything from birthdays to little league victories to legitimate holidays. No matter what it is we find a reason to “tis the season”.

    But what would be the best drink to have this holiday season? Whichever you enjoy! From wine to whiskey we have the right fit for you. Let’s take a look at traditions and how we can pair this season’s meals with our favorite brands.

    Tahuan Chardonnay

    Said to represent the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church, this pairing is a traditional Christmas Eve meal that originated in Sicily and is now reproduced throughout Italy and beyond. While there is no set menu, you can bet it has endless possibilities so here is a wine that will go with just about anything in the seafood world: Tahuan (pronounced Tay-Juan) Chardonnay. This tasty Chardonnay has baked pear, cream and candied pineapple flavors. It’s lightly toasty with moderate spice and smoky undertones. A great buy for under $20!

    Laird Sauvignon Blanc

    Ham is a traditional part of the Christmas celebration  in North and South America. A good rule of thumb for choosing a ham-friendly wine is to match the color and serve a rosé, either sparkling or still; Laird Sauvignon Blanc is the way to go. It’s an excellent ham-friendly wine. Its grassy citrus notes and tangy acidity are so light and refreshing that it pairs easily with any ham.

    Fire Place Cooler

    Unfortunately, wine isn’t for everyone. So as a holiday alternative how about a White Christmas cocktail recipe!

    Santa Fe Wheeler’s Gin

    In Santa Fe Wheeler’s Gin, the standout botanical is Osha Root, known for its “spicy celery” flavor and scent. Osha is indigenous to the southwest, and a good fit for this gin. Flavor-wise, Wheeler’s has that veggie/earthiness of the Osha.

    Angostura Bitters

    Unlike many other bitters, Angostura isn’t a citrus blend, but rather contains water, vegetable flavoring extracts, and a bitter root called gentian. It is also 44.7% alcohol by volume, and, contrary to belief, doesn’t contain Angostura bark.

    (1) part
    Santa Fe Wheeler’s Gin

    (1) part
    Tawny Port

    (2) dashes of
    Angostura Bitters 

    Stir and strain over ice inside a rocks glass.
    Freshly grate cinnamon on top
    and garnish with an orange peel


    Beef brisket is a traditional Hanukkah meal, alongside potato latkes with sour cream. But how do you pair this Jewish tradition? With a nice Bramare Valle de Uco Malbec. Rated 92 points by the Wine Spectator, this Malbec from the Cobos vineyards is dark and well structured. With jammy cherry and hints of blueberry pie, it has plenty of herbs and spices that make this big, bold Malbec the perfect beef pairing!

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